Update on UK Football Legend Jared Lorenzen

July 2, 2019

It was reported Saturday that Kentucky football legend Jared Lorenzen had been hospitalized on Friday. Lorenzen is not only a great football player but an even better person. Jared is an inspiration to many and has embraced that over the years. All reports on Lorenzen’s condition have came from Matt Jones at Kentuckysportsradio.

The first report said “On Friday, June 28th Jared began playing a bigger, more important game than he’s ever played before. Jared had not been feeling well for a few weeks and that finally caught up with him. He was brought to the hospital and fairly quickly was admitted to the ICU. Jared is battling an infection, kidney and heart issues. He is fighting with every thing he has and his immediate family is by his side. We will attempt to update as often as possible, but please respect that some aspects of this journey are private matters.”

These updates are sent to Matt Jones via the family. The next update came on Tuesday July 2nd.

“Jared’s overnight was uneventful and that is a good thing. He remains on Dialysis. He continues to maintain his ground. His cardiac and renal issues remain, however his treatment has been effective. Jared is still very sick… but developing some traction and remains a fighter. The entire family thanks you for your support and prayer.”

Jared is likely Kentucky’s most well known football player with his on the field and off the field impact. I’m sure everyone’s thoughts and prayers will be with Jared and his family.

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